W Clock - Simple Dual Clock for iPhone/iPod touch

W Clock is a sleek-designed dual clock application for iPhone/iPod touch.

Product Overview

W Clock
W Clock can be a stylish yet useful alternative to the built-in clock. It supports the "No Sleeping" option to let the clock always show its face regardless the system-level sleep setting, which should be an advantage over the default Clock app.

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The screen brightness can be quickly adjusted by swiping up or down, in order to make it good for the bedside or travel use.

Screen Sample: Dual Clock ViewScreen Sample: Settings


  • Supports both the single/dual display modes
  • "No Sleeping" option is available
    NOTICE: When this option is selected, use the power adapter to avoid batttery shortage.
  • Second hand can be hidden
  • Brightness can be changed by swiping up/down

Support Information

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