RSS Probe Help

How to Use

Entry List

The Entry List comes up when you launch the app. Unread titles are white and read ones gray. You can show or hide the snippet beneath the title as below to preview its body text, by the Show Preview setting.
Entry List
  • Tap the upper-left/right triangles to navigate feeds.
  • Tap the title to read the entry.
  • The bullet on left-side is meaning unread or read. You can toggle its status by tapping it.
  • Tap the list button on bottom-left to go to the feed list.
  • Tap the reload button on bottom-center to immediately refresh the list.
  • Tap the setting button on bottom-right to open the settings panel. [see help]

Individual Entry Page

On the entry panel you can read it, share it by tapping the Activity button on bottom left to send an email, Evernote or tweet.
Individual Entry
  • Tap the close button on upper-left to go back to the entry list.
  • Tap the Activity Button on bottom-left for some extra actions - You can open the original page with Safari, send it by email, tweet
  • Tap the Up/Down arrows on the bottom to navigate entries within the feed.
  • Tap the globe button on bottom-right to see the original page with the in-app Web viewer without launching Safari.

Feed List

You can see the feed list by tapping list button at the bottom left on the entry list. Here you can quickly access to each feed.
Feed List
  • The number of unread entries is in the red icon. You can mark all as read by tapping it.
  • Tap Update All Feeds button to refresh all the feeds at once. During the process you can quit it by tapping the "X" icon.
  • Tap Mark All As Read button to mark all the entries in every feed as read at once.

Twitter Features

You can tweet about the entry by tapping the Activity button of the entry page or the Web viewer.
For the first time, You need to enter your Twitter username (or email address) and password in iOS setting.

Below is the sample Post to Twitter panel; Enter your tweet then tap the upper right Post button.
Post to Twitter Panel

Evernote Features

You can select Save with Evernote option by tapping the Activity button of the entry page or the Web viewer.
Enter your Evernote username and password for the first time.

Just edit your note then tap the upper-right Save button.
You can switch the target notebooks or put tags on your note.

* To create another notebook or define new tags, you need to sign in the Evernote website.

About Settings

Setting Options

To add or delete feeds and change settings, tap the setting button on the entry list. To save any change, tap the "Done" on upper-right.
  • Tap the + button on upper-left to add feeds.
  • Tap the delete button on left side for each feed to delete it.
  • Drag right side icon for each feed to change the order.
  • Auto Update: You can specify the interval for automatic refreshing. Select None to disable the feature.
  • Show Preview: You can show the snippet beneath each title in the entry list to preview the body text.
  • Update on startup: You can refresh all the feeds on launching the app.
  • Show Unread Count: You can show the number of unread entries on iPhone Home panel.

How to Add Feeds

Besides the manual input for an individual feed URL, you can import more than one URLs at once from an OPML file.