Joichi "Joi" Ito, one of our board members, joined the MIT Media Lab as its new director

Apr. 28, 2011
On April 25, 2011, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) announced that its Media Lab named Joichi Ito as its 4th director.

The MIT Media Lab was founded by MIT Professor Nicholas Negroponte in 1985. It has been widely popularized since then, by its research projects at the convergence of design, multimedia and emerging technologies.

Ito, as known as "Joi", is recognized as one of the world's leading thinkers and writers on innovation, global technology policy, and the role of the Internet in transforming society. He has been engaged in the global communication with key figures worldwide, from business to academic, and also devoting his efforts to various organizations including Creative Commons, Mozilla Foundation and WITNESS, an organization that empowers human rights defenders with the power of video.

The media coverage valued their decision as resonating with its mission to foster a unique culture of learning by doing, developing technologies that empower people of all ages, from all walks of life, in all societies, to design and invent new possibilities for themselves and their communities.