The latest version of "ITmedia" application released - Now ready for iPad

May 28, 2010
The latest version of the free application "ITmedia" was released, the exclusive news reader for full-text articles provided by the IT information portal ITmedia (
It is the latest version of the iPhone application "ITmedia", which has been developed by MediaProbe Inc. in collaboration with ITmedia Inc. Since the first launch in November 2008, it has been supported so widely that it has recorded over 280,000 downloads. Now this latest version is drastically redesigned and optimized for iPad.
Sample iPad View
The whole new user interface for iPad will make use of its wide screen, five times as large as iPhone's, to improve the overview presentation and readability, while dramatically enhancing its usability. Both in the portrait and landscape modes, your iPad will show you the articles in the most appropriate format.

There is one more thing as to the functional enhancement; Now it supports Evernote features. Evernote is a popular Web-based application for the personal information reminder, which has been officially in service for Japanese users in March 2010. It is a multi-purpose tool that will help you to write a note on the article, save its URL, and so on.
In combination with the Twitter features, they are expected to make this application more useful as an information management tool.

MediaProbe Inc. is willing to provide creative solutions with iPad, which should promise even more possibilities than iPhone that has already realized innovative user experiences.
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